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2021 USATF Oregon Association Youth Track and Field Championships

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Official Sat, Jul 10, 2021 Jul 10, 2021Jesuit HS

Field: 9:00 AMTrack: 8:00 AM


The USATF Oregon Youth T & F Championships has been changed to ONE DAY 

Saturday, July 10 Only

NEW Schedule is posted below.....


We are just a few days away from the USATF Oregon Youth Track and Field Championships at Jesuit High School.  After an examination of the schedule, we are able to move the meet to a One Day -Event.  The meet will begin at 8:00AM on July 10th and all events will be contested on Saturday with the exception of the hammer throw scheduled for Thursday, July 8, at 5:30pm, Amity High School. 


There are a few reminders in advance of the meet.

  1. Review the attached proposed schedule of events for the revised times.  These times are an estimate and we may run up to one hour early depending on entries (not to start before 8:00AM).
  2. There is a $5.00 cost of admission per spectator. 
  3. Be sure to arrive with plenty of time to pick up your packet and warm up properly.  We ask that all athletes check in 30 minutes in advance of their event with the clerk of the course.
  4. Attached you will find a brochure of the event.  Be sure to review the COVID protocols to ensure that you are compliant.
  5. We are expecting a low of 61 and high of 90 degrees on Saturday.  Be sure to hydrate and bring plenty of water.
  6. We are asking for volunteers to assist in the field events.  Please let the meet management know you are willing to assist.


We are truly looking forward to the championship event on Saturday, July 10th.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Oregon USATF


Please Note:  Below are 3 files that will be very helpful for meet information, registration, USATF Age verification and Clothing sales!



Please note - there has been a change in the date, time and location of the Hammer Throw

Thursday, July 8th

Amity High School

807 South Trade Street

Amity, Oregon 97107

5:30pm                      Hammer                                      (15-16, 17-18 Girls/Boys)


Minor Changes in Track Event Schedule to Accommodate the Heat


NOTE:  *ALL Events are Timed Finals

               *Some Age Groups and Genders May Be Combined



8:00am                                    3000M Run                                         13-14 & Up

8:30am                                    1500M Race Walk                              9-10, 11-12

                                                3000M Race Walk                             13-14, 15-16, 17-18 

9:00am                                    Masters Mile Run                               Masters Women & Men

9:10am                                    4 X 100M Relay  (if Any)                     All Ages

9:15am                                    400M Dash                                          All Ages

9:45am                                    100M Dash                                          All Ages

10:15am                                  1500m Run                                          All Ages

10:50am                                  80M Hurdles                                        11-12

11:00am                                  100M Hurdles                                      13-14, 15-16, 17-18 Girls

                                                                                                            13-14 Boys

11:25am                                  110M Hurdles                                      15-16, 17-18 Boys

11:40am                                  800M Run                                           All Ages

12:00pm                                  200M Dash                                          All Ages

12:30pm                                  200M Hurdles                                      13-14

12:40pm                                  400M Hurdles                                      15-16, 17-18


Minor Changes in Field Event Schedule to Accommodate Number of Entries


NOTE:  *Age Groups and Genders Will Be Combined


9:00am                        Long Jump                                           8U  Girls/Boys (Pit A)

                                    Long Jump                                           9 - 10 Girls/Boys (Pit B)

                                    Javelin                                                 8U – 12 Girls/Boys (Infield)

                                    Pole Vault                                            13 – 18 Girls/Boys


9:45am                        Long Jump                                           11 - 12 Girls/Boys (Pit A)

                                    Long Jump                                           13 - 14 Girls/Boys (Pit B)

                                    Javelin                                                  15 – 18 Girls/Boys (Javelin Runway)

                                    High Jump                                            9 – 12 Girls/Boys

                                    Shot Put                                                13 - 14 Girls/Boys


10:30am                      Discus                                                  15 – 18 Girls/Boys

                                    Javelin                                                  13 - 14 Girls/Boys (Javelin Runway)

                                    Long Jump                                           15 - 16 Girls/Boys (Pit A)

                                    Long Jump                                           17 - 18 Girls/Boys (Pit B) 

                                    Shot Put                                               8U – 12 Girls/Boys

                                    High Jump                                           13 – 18 Girls/Boys


11:15am                      Discus                                                  11 – 14 Girls/Boys

                                    Shot Put                                               15 – 18 Girls/Boys

                                    Triple Jump                                          13 -18 Girls/Boys