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Phillips-Klimek Distance Twilight (800m/3000m)


Official Sat, May 1, 2021 May 1, 2021Phoenix HS

Track: 7:00 PM

We are looking forward to hosting a competitive 800m and 3000m under the lights.   This is a Varsity calibur meet.  We have locked the meet at the first ten teams, and will consider 'join' requests of other teams as we get a sense of the entry numbers.  (email John.Cornet@Phoenix.K12.Or.Us if you want to know if there is room to join the meet.)

Entries:  Unlimited entries (provided they are of varsity calibur for your District)

Track:  Our track is new, completely resurfaced prior to this season

Cost?  No entry fee. 

The plan is to use auto as the primary timing system and Seiko/hand as backup.  (Thanks Rob/KU for bringing your portable auto system!)  Athletes will need to get their hip number and bib number from the Clerk when they check in.  We'll ipad/video the finish too as another data point in the event of need.  We will strategically place display clocks at the finish line and 3k start so running splits are clearly viewable.   We will provide a list Friday of who-is-in-which-heat (either posted on this site or by email).

Live Video Streaming  Do you have families who want to watch the races?  Table Rock Sports will be livestreaming all races as they're happening for free.  Anyone may access the race coverage at https://tablerocksports.net   In addition to providing live footage, a guest commentator during the races will be Bob Julian Jr (former collegiate athlete who coached high school State Champion teams)

Spectators:   No spectators.  (Sorry; like most the state we're in Extreme metrics.)   The only people allowed in the stadium will be athletes, coaches and event staff.  All will be expected to sign in and provide contact information (in the event of contact tracing needs).  Since there will be no spectators, athletes may set up anywhere in the facility - be it the turf field or the stadium seating - they chose.  Please mind social distancing.

Awards: Top 5 finishers in the four races will receive medals.  We will call them to the podium after the seeded heat of each race is completed and those results merged with the prior heats.

Athletic Trainer:  Emily (our athletic trainer) will be on-site during the meet.

Clerk Check-In:  Athletes need to check-in at the Clerks Tables in the center of the field to receive their hip-number and bib-number.  They must wear both during the race.  They may check in at any time

Time schedule:

          6:45p  Coaches Meeting  (contact John upon arrival if you miss it; no worries)

          7:15p  Boys 800m  (heat C)

          7:30p  Girls 800m  (heat B)

          7:45p  Boys 800m  (heat B)

          8:00p  Girls 800m  (heat A - seeded race)

          8:15p  Boys 800m  (heat A - seeded race)

          8:30p  Boys 3k  (heat B)

          8:50p  Girls 3k  (heat A - seeded race)

          9:10p  Boys 3k  (heat A - seeded race)

Races will be seeded by entry time.  Override times are ok if you feel their season time is not reflective of what they may run at the meet; we trust the coaches judgement on this...if you are entering an athlete who does not yet have a time from this season then you should imput an override time so we can place them in the appropriate heat.

Contact:  Coaches, in the event you need to contact the Meet Director, John Cornet's direct cell is 541-535-5232

N O T E :   The new Phoenix HS sits right next to the old site (which was torn down two months ago).  If electronic directions bring you to the old address and you notice it's a large pile of dirt, just look one bulding southward the street and you'll find it!