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Conard vs Hall


Official Fri, May 21, 2021 May 21, 2021McKee Stadium, Conard HS

Field: 3:45 PMTrack: 3:45 PM

Girls Head Coach Jess Blauvelt and Boys Head Coach Ron Knapp (Entry Manager) welcome Hall to their CCC dual scoring meet vs. Conard High School.

Meet Date/Time: Friday, May 21, 2021 starting at 3:45pm at Conard High School, 110 Beechwood Road, West Hartford, CT 06107


  • The meet is open to the invited high school coaches only for registration of their eligible high school age athletes competing for their high school team.
  • Entries in Athletic.net open a week before the entry deadline.
  • Please note Event Entry Deadline is Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 7:00 pm
  • All meet registration is managed by Ron Knapp of EZ Meet Services/MySportsResults in association with Athletic.net Event registration services.

Facility and Timing-Finishline:

  • Fully Automatic Timing and results provided by Tommy Stewart, IC4aTrack Timing.
  • Conard HS has an 8-lane synthetic track (1/4-inch spikes or shorter), High Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault are also on synthetic surface. Shot Put and Discus circles are concrete while the Javelin runway is grass.
  • For track races, visiting team assigned odd lanes/positions and home team even lanes/positions.

Conard HS Campus & Facility COVID19 Protocols:

  • All meet participants must wear a face mask while on campus except for athletes competing in the current event.
  • Coaches and athletes are to respect ALL signage for ENTRY and EXIT of track and stadium. A Facility Map is attached for Head Coach for review with their athletes.
  • Parking and Bus drop-off are in Main Parking lot outside of McKee Stadium. Enter Stadium at SouthWest Side Gate.
  • Visiting Team area is in the Home Stand (West side) in the section under the press box and section towards the school (North side). Conard team area is in East side bleachers.
  • Building access is prohibited. Restrooms with outdoor entrance are available adjacent to the North end of stadium. Please follow social distancing when using facilities.
  • Contestants, not actually competing, are NOT allowed near the finish line to prevent interference with event timing and must remain in assigned areas.
  • Only the current event and next event athletes are allowed on the turf infield. After completion of their event, athletes must retrieve any clothing/articles from infield and immediately exit the turf infield & track area.
  • Assembly of heats will take place in NORTH side endzone.

Event Entry Instructions and Limits:

  • Coaches are reminded to use their CIAC Roster names in their Athletic.net Roster with correct athlete grade.
  • Printing your event entries will serve as your guarantee that your entry is complete although you can change entries prior to start of the meet.
  • Print "By Athlete" for team posting purposes. Posting for your athletes prior to the entry deadline can serve as part of your entry proofing process.
  • Print "By Event" and bring this copy to the meet to help facilitate scratching your athletes before the meet.
  • Athletes may compete in 4 events.
    Although only ONE Relay name is required to enter a team in an event you may enter all 4 athletes and then change athletes on meet day at your discretion in keeping with the 4-event limitation.
  • In Track Events, for the 100m, 110H, 100H races run in lanes the first heat is designated as the Varsity 'hot' heat; all scoring comes from this heat, subsequent heats are considered JV heats.
  • Please submit seed times for each athlete in a Track event. Athletes without seed times will be placed in slower heats.
  • In Track Events, for non-lane races the heats are determined by seed times, fastest heat runs first.
  • In Relay Events, enter 1 Varsity Relay team and unlimited Junior Varsity teams per event (Identify your Varsity and JV teams by providing a SEED time for your Varsity team only. No alternates needed.) (If you want relay names reported in official results, then you must send Ron Knapp a completed event list of athletes who ran in the relay(s) no later than 8pm on meet day.)
  • In Field Events (except PV & HJ), limited entry of 5 competitors in the Varsity event with a seed mark. Unlimited entry of Junior Varsity athletes with seed marks required.
    Varsity athletes are allowed 4 attempts while Junior Varsity athletes are allowed 3 attempts. No Finals.

Meet Rules:

Coaches, please pay special attention to the following:

  • To ensure a fair and quality meet, CCC and CIAC rules will govern all events. All meet participants must wear a face mask while on campus except for athletes competing in the current event.
  • The meet is only open for registration to the invited coaches of eligible high school age athletes competing with their high school team.
  • Be sure to make ALL your entries by the Event Entry Deadline, remembering that athletes can be scratched, substituted for and assigned to different events prior to the start of the meet.
  • Head Coaches have until 20 minutes before the start of the first event to submit their changes to the Timing Official.
  • Any additional changes due to injury allowed if the replacement athlete is already entered in the meet.
  • For this FAT MEET: All track athletes are to check-in for their hip numbers at the Clerk’s Table at the SOUTHWEST Gate.
  • All field event athletes are to check-in at their event. Jumper and throwers are not allowed to practice or compete without official’s supervision present. Implements must be secured immediately following the completion of the event.
  • Contestants, not actually competing, are NOT allowed near the finish line to prevent interference with event timing and must remain in assigned areas.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the event areas (track and fields).

Contact Info:

Order of Events

Track Events: All events are finals. Girls followed by Boys.

  • 4x800m Relay
  • 4x100m Relay
  • Girls 100m Hurdles
  • Boys 110m Hurdles
  • 100m Dash
  • 1600m Run
  • 400m Dash
  • 300m Hurdles
  • 800m Run
  • 200m Dash
  • 3200m Run
  • 4x400m Relay

Field Events: To be started concurrently with the track events.

  • Long Jump - Boys then Girls followed by Triple Jump.
  • High Jump - Girls followed by Boys
  • Pole Vault - Girls with Boys working in rotation as starting heights are reached during competition.
  • Girls Throwing (Girls Javelin will be first, followed by Shot Put.)
  • Boys Throwing (Boys Shot Put will be first followed by Javelin.)
  • Boys Discus then Girls Discus (Javelin sector overlaps with Discus Sector)


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