West Virginia Middle School 2021 Outdoor Track & Field

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100m8Tay'Shaun Roper11.64cPRWVWildwoodMay 25JCS Middle School Championship
200m8Demarius Wallace24.24cPRWVWildwoodMay 25JCS Middle School Championship
400m8Tay'Shaun Roper54.29PRWVWildwoodJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
800m8Conner Myers2:14.0hPRWVWildwoodMay 06Middle School Quad
1600m8Conner Myers4:58.0hPRWVWildwoodMay 06Middle School Quad
3200m8Conner Myers10:38.0hPRWVWildwoodMay 06Middle School Quad
100mH-30"8Jacob Meyer15.22PRWVSouth (Morgantown)Jun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
200mH-30"8Blake Stewart28.64PRWVBrooke May 17PAC 8 Track & Field Championships
4x100m8Tay'Shaun Roper
Demarius Wallace
Darren Gilliam
Jayden Yates
46.84WVWildwoodMay 18MAC Middle School Championship
4x200m8Darren Gilliam
Damarius Wallace
Jayden Yates
Tay'Shaun Roper
1:40.6hWVWildwoodMay 06Middle School Quad
4x400mChristian O'Dell
James Marshalek
Owen Stacy
Austin Luo
4:10.41WVSuncrestMay 19Monongalia County MS Relays
4x800mCaleb Young
James Marshalek
Bryant Lester
Austin Luo
9:53.20WVSuncrestMay 27Monongalia County MS Championships
55ShuttleH-30"8Seth Wisman
Hayden Casdorph
Andrew Tompkins
Jacob Meyer
42.29WVSouth (Morgantown)May 19Monongalia County MS Relays
Shot-8lb8Erik Farkas44' 4PRWVSouth PrestonJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
Discus-1kg8Braiden Murphy140' 10PRWVDoddridge CountyJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
HJ8Will Madden5' 7PRWVBridgeportJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
PV8Gavin Clark9' 0PRWVSouth HarrisonMay 19Harrison County Middle School Championships
LJ8 (14)Alex Fink17' 11.75PRWVSouth (Morgantown)May 27Monongalia County MS Championships
100m7 (13)Elecia McCurrie12.56PRWVMountaineer (Morgantown)May 27Monongalia County MS Championships
200m10Lorelei Bangit25.24cPRWVJeffersonMay 08HHS Journal Invitational-5/8/21
400m10Lorelei Bangit57.12PRWVJeffersonMay 01Cardinal Classic
800m10Lorelei Bangit2:23.5hPRWVJeffersonMay 27Jefferson County Championships
1500m7 (13)Addyson Sapp6:19.66PRUnattachedAug 07AAU National Junior Olympic Games
1600m-Ivy Slavinski5:16.05PRWVPoint PleasantJun 24East Coast Championships
3200m8 (14)Adelyn Tager12:34.47PRWVTrinity ChristianMay 27Monongalia County MS Championships
100mH-30"7Ayla Kidd17.11PRWVCharles TownMay 18MAC Middle School Championship
200mH-30"8 (14)Josie Johnson31.07PRWVMountaineer (Morgantown)May 27Monongalia County MS Championships
4x100mLeeann Gaskins
Maria Day
Samantha Martin
Bryanna Fisher
54.19WVBridgeportJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
4x200mLeeann Gaskins
Maria Day
Samantha Martin
Bryanna Fisher
1:56.46WVBridgeportJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
4x400mBelicia McKendall
Sierra Mazey
Miley Dong
Lillian Marshalek
4:30.44WVSuncrestJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
4x800mJayden Powers
Marley Sias
Cassie Cumberledge
Payton Trent
11:15.17WVDoddridge CountyJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
55ShuttleH-30"Madison Brown
Demi Billotti
Emma Smith
Railey Reeves
43.66WVSouth (Morgantown)May 12Mon-Preston Challenge 2021
Shot-6lb8Grace Dodson38' 4PRWVShepherdstownMay 06Middle School Quad
Discus-1kg8Madlyn Thomas79' 7PRWVMoundsvilleMay 17PAC 8 Track & Field Championships
HJ8Abigale Stewart5' 2PRWVBridgeportJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
PV6Savannah Holden5' 6PRWVSouth HarrisonMay 19Harrison County Middle School Championships
7Jaycee Lipscomb5' 6PRWVDoddridge CountyJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational
LJ8Belicia McKendall15' 5.25PRWVSuncrestJun 05Harry Green MS Invitational

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