UIL 6A District 12
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UIL 6A District 12


Official Thu, Oct 12, 2017 Oct 12, 2017College Park HS

Mens 5,000 Meters Varsity

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1.12Gavin Hoffpauir15:33.56Conroe The Woodlands
2.12Robert Kraus15:37.97Conroe Woodlands College Park
3.12Ethan Mercado15:39.90Conroe The Woodlands
4.12Bradley Pease15:41.47Conroe Woodlands College Park
5.11Alec Wright15:42.68Montgomery
6.12Zackery Williams15:54.22Conroe Woodlands College Park
7.12Matthew Jones15:55.40Conroe The Woodlands
8.12Michael Childree15:56.34Conroe The Woodlands
9.11Luke Watkins16:00.09Montgomery
10.12Daniel Baker16:00.52Conroe The Woodlands
11.12Ryan Raiford16:09.22Conroe The Woodlands
12.10Ethan Hammer16:13.28Conroe The Woodlands
13.10Jeffrey Black16:17.59Conroe Woodlands College Park
14.11William Hardham16:24.66Conroe Woodlands College Park
15.12Phillip Gavino16:31.66Conroe Woodlands College Park
16.12Turner Metzler16:40.97Conroe Oak Ridge
17.11Braden Kilgore16:41.90Montgomery
18.11Johnathan Letai16:42.52Conroe Woodlands College Park
19.12Tyler Mattfeld16:52.03Montgomery
20.12Tyler Mildren16:54.12Conroe Oak Ridge
21.12William Sample16:54.84Montgomery
22.12Emilio Lira16:58.72Montgomery
23.10Zachary Ashcraft17:05.22Conroe
24.11Bryce Alexander17:11.44Conroe Oak Ridge
25.9Ethan Mildren17:12.88Conroe Oak Ridge
26.12Christian Hernandez17:16.28Conroe Oak Ridge
27.10Josh Dixon17:33.47Conroe Oak Ridge
28.11Parker Nenninger17:40.12Montgomery
29.9Daniel Bluth18:10.31Conroe Oak Ridge
30.11Isaiah Dejesus18:22.50Lufkin
31.11Jasiel Gutierrez18:25.25Lufkin
32.11Gavin Cortes18:31.00Conroe
33.11Donterious Perry18:31.96Conroe
34.12Josh Rivas18:38.53Lufkin
35.12Marc Watts19:10.94Lufkin
36.11Wilson McIntosh19:13.84Conroe
37.12Wilmer Zamora19:32.41Conroe
38.12Marco Barron19:36.91Conroe
39.11Marcus Ford19:42.18Lufkin
40.11Ivan Escobedo19:47.75Lufkin
41.11Grant Stoher19:51.47Conroe