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I just want you to know that the quick response of the company is one of the reasons we use it. I can also accomplish everything I need with the free site, but it is worth spending the money to support the site. Thanks again for excellent customer service!!

Coach TB

The talk of every meet I go to is your program. One to never think much of the web, I find myself anxious to see what is going on. You have really created a great service for all of the coaches, athletes and fans of Track & Field in Oregon. Thanks for all you have done!!

Coach S

I want you to know how much the coaching staff at Seaside High appreciates all the work you have done with your website and service. What a piece of cake for us to keep our kids' performances up-to-date and see athletes' performances from other schools in our league and throughout the state. Kids love looking at the lists. You have done a wonderful job, and it is GREATLY appreciated.

Coach NB

Your site is one of the most valuable pieces of information for Track that I have ever seen. As meet director of a large high school meet, it has been invaluable to me.

Coach DF

I love this website. Our Pac-9 District had volunteers compiling our stats the past few years, so this makes it very easy for each coach to enter stats at their own pace! And it's fun to be able to see what other athletes in other leagues are doing as well!!

Coach SF

Five things I like about the site:
1) If kids have questions (times/etc.) they can look it up.
2) A season best list is easily printed.
3) You only have to enter the info once and it generates team best performances, league bests, and state bests.
4) The initial time is getting the roster info. Once you have entered one meet and learned the short cuts, it is quick. I do 120 athletes in half an hour.
5) It is worth the effort to your kids and parents. I have heard lots of compliments from them.

Coach PZ

This is a great website for helping us Track runners to get a scholarship. All we have to do is point college coaches to the website to look up our stats.

LH (Athlete)

This is a great site! I think that it's awesome how I can now easily compare my times with athletes across the state and monitor my improvement.

JK (Athlete)

This is a great site, and I enjoy the fact I can see my stats at home.

RS (Athlete)

I just wanted you to know this is a wonderful website and that I think it is great that you doing this. Thanks, it is a wonderful way to show my daughter that she is making progress in her runs.

CL (Parent)

Just wanted to say how much this site means to the family members who are too far away to come watch our family run. Thank you so very much for helping us keep in touch!

TT (Parent)

My daughter runs in Track with Mountain View. I thought I would take a moment to send you an email letting you know how much my wife and I appreciate you maintaining this type of an informational website. This is a great resource for us parents, and other interested viewers, to keep tabs on our children's and their teammates' results at the various Track & Field meets. So, thank you for your efforts and the fantastic information your site provides.

CL (Parent)